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tuvuga - Breaking Down Barriers

SentryBlue Group introduces tuvugaTM (African dialect in Kinyarwandan meaning ‘We Speak’), the Global Conversation that is pushing boundaries and       Breaking Down Barriers -- a place where people from around the corner and around the globe engage in informed conversations that improve our lives and our world. These global conversations: 


  • Inform people about important issues such as human, animal and environmental health and well-being. 
  • Build awareness by being constructive, in context and backed by authoritative content.
  • Overcome barriers of language and distance through 100+ languages in real time. 

tuvugaTM is now moving into a Private Beta in 2016 with groups and indivduals from around the globe.  

Our new introduction website will be a promo to highlight our Global Partners in Breaking Down Barriers. Stay tuned. 

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